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Still waiting, wasting time.

Still waiting for my first assessment to be graded so I can start on the next portion of my MT course… so I watched the complete series Eden of the East. If you liked The Bourne Identity, or at least the story of it, think of this as an animated take on it.

I’ve been watching on Netflix instant, but FUNimation also has full episodes up on youtube. The beginning of the series starts here: LINK

I don’t know why I’m watching so much anime lately. I used to hate it, with all of its (removed) and choppy animation, but now I just think it’s funny, beautiful, and a handful of other things. The humor is blunt, and a full spectrum of emotions are also exaggerated.

Assuming my graded “paper” wont be coming in today, yet again, so I’m starting on the Black Butler series. /sigh.

Edit: Ok, Black Butler is… just not for me. I need something a little less bleh. Next up: Mushi-Shi… we’ll see.

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