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Definitions, revisited: weblog, My little secret

13 March 2011 Leave a comment

Psssh. The word “blog” is just a shortened term for “web log.” How disappointing. Oh well. On the bright side, with this second post and my new found knowledge of blogs, I hereby define these writings as a not-so-carefully compiled “blog!” Yay!

I started on a blog at typepad earlier today, but then I lost interest in their lack of free stuff and moved to WordPress. The typepad address? Overly entertaining blog value in that one.

I’ve attached a video. This’ll help you understand. Pay attention!

And now I know how to embed a youtube video. Good for me.

Hmm? You say something? My secret? Oh. That.

The secret is that I can’t keep my own secrets. I make no follies when keeping the secrets of others, but when I have my own I can’t help but feel the need to tell someone. Oh, how I love validation.

I began this blog in secret, privacy settings to the max. A few hours after my first post, someone must’ve relieved those settings of their duties. So here I am, secret free.

Not good enough? The real secret has already been given away elsewhere in this post. I can’t just shout it out, I haven’t even formulated an opinion about it yet.