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Busy, busy, busy…

25 March 2011 Leave a comment

I swear I’ll finish up here, but my Margaret Cho stuff came in today… and it’s just that I just started watching this movie, Bam Bam and Celeste, and it’s fucking awesome. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an evil dictator who sucks ass. There is one catch, though, and that is that you must be able to identify with the characters and the settings in which they are placed. The movie isn’t meant for those with similarities to the antagonists within. And it just so happens that those types makeup for the majority of our country’s midwestern population.

“If you don’t look good, that’s not our problem.” – Salon Mirage
“You know, if I had wanted a funny line, I would’ve ripped one off your face.” – Jackie
“I haven’t had a date in like four years. I probably grew my virginity back.” – Celeste

And thanks to the WordPress app constantly falling apart, I lost this post and now my quotes are fucked. Yes, the movie was awesome and funny. Yes, this app is a piece of… you know. I’ll edit when the movie is over, but I’ve totally lost the motivation to go on about my busy-ness. In a nutshell… I’ve been doing some hardcore studying.

Anyway. I did come across two things on FB to lift my spirits. I think they were totally worth saving.

1. A bumper sticker “Don’t panic, I’m Hispanic.”
2. Suicidal green army man

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